Rick Grant’s Story

Rick Grant is the leading Gluten Free Chef/Baker and Allergen Friendly IP developer in Australia today.

Rick has gained his reputation over the past 25 years through research and development of over 200 delicious products and recipes.

This passion was born from Rick’s wife Rhonda being diagnosed Coeliac back in the early eighties which was quite uncommon. There were very few gluten free foods or products available and what was available were quite un-appetising to say the least.

Over a number of years Rhonda also became intolerant to dairy, yeast, soy, preservatives, colourings and additives and also suffers from fructose malabsorbtion. Some recipes were changed and more recipes developed which allowed Rick’s range of products to be available for a wider, faster growing health and Allergen Friendly market.

In 2000 Rick opened the 1st Uncle Ricks Coeliac Heaven store in Berwick and then followed on with the 2nd store in Mt Waverley and the 3rd in Greensborough. This proved to be a very busy, rewarding and successful time.

The Uncle Ricks stores were one stop shops for everything delicious and gluten free. Many customers from this period will fondly remember the mouth watering treats such as eclairs, vanilla slices, cakes, slices, biscuits, breads, ice-cream cones, pastries and a large selection of pies.

However the demand grew so great that the stores struggled to keep up, so in 2006 Rick branched out with Patties Foods to produce 10 products for the freezer section of Coles Supermarkets nationally and selected IGA stores. This was an Australian first! The products were Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Apple Pies, Veggie Rolls, Party Meat Pies, White Bread, Grain Bread, Pizza Rolls, Sticky Date Puddings and the famous Uncle Ricks Lamingtons.

Today only 6 of the above products are available through Coles but they are also now available through all Woolworths Supermarkets nationally in the freezer section under the Patties brand. They are Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Veggie Rolls, White Bread, Pizza Rolls and Lamingtons.

Rick has produced 5 Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Cookbooks through Fortiori Publishing. The books are available online or through Coles Supermarkets and selected Newsagents and book stores.

The titles are:

Gluten Free Finger Food – This book guides the reader through a numerous range of delicious Gluten Free snacks and treats with easy to follow recipes. Now coeliac and allergen sufferers can host a gourmet party with food that tastes as good (if not better!) than wheat based party foods.

Soups, Sauces and Marinades – A Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly must have book. Follow Rick while he shows the reader how to prepare delicious soups that caters for every taste. One of the hardest things for home cooks is how to prepare Gluten Free sauces, gravies and marinades that the whole family will love. This books gives away the secrets to many traditional sauces and marinades that Coeliacs thought they would never taste again!

Cakes, Puddings and Desserts – An absolute cracker of a book! See what made Rick the Gluten Free ‘Guru’! In this book Rick guides the reader through basic cakes through to delicious puddings and desserts the whole family and friends will love, and they will not even be able to tell if it is Gluten Free.

Gluten Free Christmas – At Last, a book that allows readers to cater the whole festive season without going without the traditional Christmas essentials we have all come to enjoy. Why not get the kids involved, as there are some easy and delicious recipes to follow.

The Gluten Free Cooking Selection – This is a compilation of the 4 books in one large edition. This would also make an ideal gift and will be available from late April 2011.

Buy these cook books with confidence with the knowledge that all recipes have been thoroughly tested by Fortiori’s Home Economists (eaten and enjoyed by the photographic crew).

Rick is now involved in numerous new products for the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly market and will also be supplying food service with delicious products that will enhance the menu choices dramatically.